Skin Cancer Treatment Improves Survival Times

By: on Feb 23rd, 2012.

A cutting edge treatment designed to cure advanced skin cancer greatly improves survival times, as outlined by a major international study.

Physicians say that 132 sufferers throughout Australia and the US who had been given the Vemurafenib drug lived for several months longer. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that individuals in the research that had been given the drug typically lived for 16 months, weighed against 9 months for patients given regular treatments.

Vemurafenib (or Zelboraf) has now been recommended for approval within Europe. This new drug is just one of two treatments for advanced melanoma that has been sanctioned via fast-track in the United States in the past year, providing optimism for individuals with late-stage melanoma. Prior to these two treatments, there were no new medications for skin cancer in more than 10 years.

Dr Antoni Ribas, a professor from the Jonsson Cancer Center at the UCLA said that this research demonstrates that Zelboraf shifts the natural course of thise disease, and the data from the study is over and above what was expected.

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